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[Verse 1] I’m a reptile, been left wild with the next style I spray projectiles that dead men within ten miles For a bit I’m pensive then I vent vile, lyrics and phlegm bile I’m sex smiles, this ex-child was born in a red nile Sex wild, girls on my left and right arm, make Devs hard But after the foul play, I’m showin' them a red card like Prem stars Engrave this seat, I’m leavin' a benchmark And hench scars on popular idols with these death stars [Hook] F-U-C-K everythin' I see All I am is me, that’s all that I can be If you don’t like me fine, I’ll leave you slaughtered in your seats I’m tortured in my sleep, I’m haunted by these streets [Verse 2] I’m an ex-guy with ten pints of red stripe With feds at a red lights, on a dead night, with my revs high Thank God, they sped by when he clocked eyes on the next ride If they saw what’s lyin' inside my boot, I’m sure I’d get time I react like an enzyme and defend guys like a mum cuss I came from the bread line to the big time, I ain’t done trust I’m tight like a nun’s muff and I make these punks jump Like they just heard guns dump, I'ma just do me, don’t need no thumbs up [Hook] F-U-C-K everythin' I see All I am is me, that’s all that I can be If you don’t like me fine, I’ll leave you slaughtered in your seats I’m tortured in my sleep, I’m haunted by these streets [Verse 3] You want raw Devs?

I’ll drag you back inside of your mum with rusty forceps I love packin' big but wanna be big before death So big I circle the globe in four steps You can’t spin me, get left in an infinite vortex I’m more vexed, men don’t dress like men no more Girls want rat like their out for the war Act like a man, get banged in the jaw I’m that sure Whoever controls us from their platforms is bad for Everyone of us So I just spaz more [Interlude] This family blood line, inter-breathing control system of these big families was not just the human thing, it went beyond that into entities that are anything but human [Verse 4] TV just lies, they just manipulate the truth What you need to understand is the Government runs the news So is it true XXXX fathered a baby?

She reaches under her skirt and rubs her young wet pussy while tugging on her thong, making it dig between her tender pink pussy lips.

The sexy teen daughter can’t help spreading her legs as she looks over her shoulder, in case her mom turns around and catches her friend with her hand in the bush, her bush!

Kichi is a politically incorrect derogatory term that was essentially prohibited from Japanese media, so they used Gichi instead, which might mean a "head case" or something similar. P and has been totally silenced on the re-release of Humanity and on the Best of 1990-1996 CD.

The original version of San Byoukan no Jisatsu (found on the Insect Noise release of Humanity) contains an extra line "Tobioriru no sa! Also, on the insert for the re-release of Humanity the "Jisatsu" (suicide) on the track list has been scribbled out. 2nd time, Cra Y sings "Yatsu kara mireba, [Seishinijyousha]".

The young girl bites her lips and moans softly and the mature lesbian sits behind the counter and spreads her legs so the teen can drop to her knees and lick her vagina too!The original version of "Life Game" also contains extra lyrics that have been blanked out in the re-release version and xxxxxx-ed in the P. P version, these can be found when Cra Y (Takeshi) first sings and when Kyono sings partway into the song – The missing words from Cra Y's section are within the brackets – [Omae no atama ga] kurutte iku no o ore wa itsudemo matte iru no saa. ] Omae no koto nado shiranai kara (the lyrics outside the brackets change but the first part is still missing each time) On Mad Chuudoku, the first time, (Kyono) sings "Yatsu kara mireba" then sings nothing for the xxxxxx bit on the P. And the final time Cra Y sings "Ore kara mireba, [Seishinijyousha]" (parts within the brackets are the xxxxxx-ed parts) The xxx-ed lines on this song are "Poli" and "Yes fuck'in police".The missing words from Kyono's section are within this second set of brackets (these do not seem to be missing from the P. When performed live it is "Harinezumi to Poli" (which is sometimes followed by a "Sa Sa Sa", making it Police) and later on into the song the repeated lines "Yes fuck'in police" are xxxxxx-ed...I love the danger element along with almost getting caught!There is just a bit seduction/resistance from the daughter, and she gets her top pulled down and her tits exposed, but the brunette quickly pulls it back up when her mom turns over! The mom gets back to doing the dishes while her lesbian friend does her daughter, eating her pussy and ass over the kitchen counter!

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(the Police part is xxxxxx-ed) along with some other lines in the song.

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